May. 22nd, 2015 10:01 am
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Back to the land of the living - apparently when you try to siphon off the power of someone trying to turn into a god, it has side effects. At least I'm speaking English again.

Things have been going on while we've been away, I see. Fish-men from Atlantis not being the least. Let me get a cuppa and I'll wade through my email and the journals and write myself a to-do list, apparently.

Also - hello, all you new people. Amanda Sefton, resident witch.
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We - meaning mutants in general, some of us in specific - lost a lot on M-Day. I just wanted to create something that remembered them, you know? Prof X thought it was a good thought.

There's always a first time, eh?

So, at the top of the main stairs, in that little alcove-type thing, you'll find a table set up with places for flowers if people want to leave them and this:

Stone's agate - those in the know say it's a stone of healing, protection, strength and harmony. The flame's been tweaked a little, so it'll never go out, never need fuel.
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So, there's this town in Sussex that really takes Guy Fawkes Night seriously. And this year, they had the perfect "guy" to set fire to: Vladimir Putin. In one of those horrifying men's hammock bikini things.

Since sharing is caring:

OOC: We can thank Walks for this.
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Otherwise known as "that obscure English holiday where Amanda lights a fire and feed Jubilee with sugar until she explodes fireworks". Up on the brownstone roof, starting at sunset. All welcome, but bring your own booze. ;)
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Drinks on Friday at Harry's? My shout. And the Demons're playing, so you get to make the traditional birthday song request.


Jul. 17th, 2014 05:31 pm
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What's this I'm reading about live chess pieces running around and attacking people?

Billy, what the hell did you do now?


Jun. 25th, 2014 10:10 pm
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Seriously, London, suck it up. I don't need this right now.
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I'm about to do something I have never resorted to, ever.

A .gif.

This is totally your fault, Billy Kaplan. Now stick it on your bloody wall and memorise it.
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I mean, I just stepped 'into' Kiev for a couple of hours to check up on things in the Ukraine, and now it's Thursday?

Oops. Time flies when you're in a city having a rebellion.

Um, so happy birthday, Gar. Drinks later?

Wait, if it's Gar's birthday, that means mine was sometime earlier this week. Double oops. Still, it explains the mystery cupcake that appeared in the fridge.
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So, I realised the other day that my "anniversary" of arriving at Xavier's was this month, and I went digging through old journal posts. And I found the stuff about when I turned Jake into a frog. On my second day.

Ah, memories. And a note for my magic class - never try transformation spells on shapeshifters, or they might actually work.
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Many Happy returns to my big brother. :) Between demon surprises and healing the sick, I didn't have time for a surprise family visit, but I do have something for you from Stefan and Mirela - I might have done a fly-by 'porting visit.
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So, Laurie's post reminded me - I'm planning a Christmas Day celebration for friends, family and Trenchcoats at my place. Well, in the common area on the second floor, since my apartment's not the Tardis.
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You'll be having Doc Strange teaching you tomorrow, since I'm in Madripoor on a last-minute job. Have fun. ;)
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New Orleans-style lunch buffet in the conference room, in honour of Remy's not-birthday! All from pre-approved restaurants. Plus, there's cake.


Apr. 14th, 2013 02:50 pm
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Looks like birthday celebrations got out of hand last night - today's been very, very quiet. Not that I regret any of it - it was a great birthday bash.

Now, where's the aspirin?
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They say you shouldn't speak ill of the dead, but what if it's the truth? I'm glad to see the old battleaxe is finally gone - as someone who had the luck to go through the remnants of her fucked up welfare system, I'm not terribly sorry that she's dead.

Wherever Pete is, no doubt he's doing a jig to celebrate.
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... but happy birthday, Topaz. ;)
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Well, a day late 'cause I was on a job, but better late than never, eh?
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All, those from the mansion who are coming to this, I'm waiting outside with the mini-van. We've booked the banquet-room of this German place Kurt recommends, so prepare to be stuffed to the gills with food. ;)
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Londoners were confused....

I'll say they were. And not just the people - ever wake up early in the morning with an entire city going "WTF!" in your head?

Still, giant rubber duck beats out guardian spirits of the city, any day.
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