Off again.

Nov. 1st, 2006 10:14 pm
xp_daytripper: (by the pricking of my thumbs)
Another last-minute work trip, yay. Should only be a couple of days, but at this point I'm not positive I'll be back for the bus run on Saturday. Marie, you all right to stand in since Angelo seems to have vanished to Prague while I had the 'flu? The kids are all getting to be old hands, so you shouldn't have an issue and I'll owe you one. Two, actually, since I wasn't able to join in Halloween parade fun like I was hoping. Stupid flu. So yeah, drinks are definitely on me next time... ooh, thought - you haven't been to Silver yet, have you? ;)

Oh, and a request for my faithful minions, I mean, those brilliant people that share the same letter at the start of their names as me - Amara, Angel, could you do me a favour and keep an eye on a specific blue acrobatic brother of mine? Kurt's had a rough month and some bad news, and since he insisted I go any way when we discovered I wasn't going to be around, I'm allowed to deputise a couple of honorary little sisters to pester him into eating and sleeping and all that fun stuff. Special treat next run into town I can actually take, yeah?

...We just pulled up outside a Denny's. Why do I suddenly fear for my stomach, if not my life?


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