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So, the last of the work is done, we've tested my last city and we're at Sydney Airport waiting for the boarding call. There is a stuffed wombat looking at me from my carry on. And this is the wacky part - we leave in the morning, fly 22 hours and then arrive around about 3 in the afternoon the same day. Who says time travel doesn't exist?

And for the record? Never underestimate Australian beer. Goes down like water, kicks like a fucking donnkey the next day. And before people get uppity at me, drinking age here's 18 and I did most of said drinking in the hotel bar after the meeting.

Thank fuck I'm small enough to curl up and sleep on the plane. Even if it makes Doug want to kill me 'cause he can't.

Hmm, wonder if I can curl up and sleep in the boarding lounge?
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So, here we are Down Under and it's a bit of a disappointment, really. I haven't seen a single kangaroo or koala or a cast member of Neighbours. Talk about a rip off. At least the weather's nice, even for the middle of their winter.

Angie, got an answer for you about city sizes... doesn't seem to be just that, since Sydney's giving me a buzz and it's not really that big, compared to some of the other places we've been. Doug and I are starting to put things together and refine this theory of ours...


Aug. 12th, 2006 11:09 am
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And I thought the flight to Johannesburg was bad. I don't even know what day it is now - Friday went away somewhere.

Beijing. Good thing I've kept up the Mandarin - the locals keep trying to do the stupid tourist thing on us and the expressions they get when Doug hits them with accent-perfect Mandarin or Cantonese is hysterical.

Powers-wise... yup, was right about the old. Really old. Tastes like chicken, sort of... bland? Must be all the contraints. I wonder if some of the other Chinese cities would be different? And Tiananmen Square gave me a headache. Just a little one. Governments shouldn't try and kill their own people - it messes with the energy of the place.

Sorry for the disjointed. It's been a long week.
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Ten hours. In a plane. Where you can't smoke. Kill me now.

At least I had plenty to read - still working my way through the disks a certain bastard gave me. Marie-Ange, if George suddenly disappears, don't panic, it's because I managed to find his off switch. Tho' I doubt I could do it long-distance. And it's a hell of a long distance.

Paris feels very mellow, which isn't surprising considering it's the city of love. Mellow and warm and kind of tingly. Johannesburg, on the other hand... earthy. Old. The city itself is very English - not surprising, considering the people who built it were from Jolly Old - and on the surface it's got a similar vibe to New York or Chicago. Underneath, tho', it's a whole other thing. Something deeper and older, like Cairo.

Enough powers wank. Got a meeting to go to. And nicotine to catch up on.
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Airports have a charge all of their own. It's really odd. And kind of tired-but-manic feeling.

Fleeing Madrid with my dignity mostly intact. Reminders suck. Thanks, Doug.
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Sorry I didn't get a chance to say my goodbyes and all, but a job came up and Doug and I had to catch the fuck early flight on Monday to Cairo. Now it's... Tuesday, or at least that's what my PDA is telling me and we're in Madrid. Got a meeting later on, but considering it's bloody hot out there, I'm going to spend the afternoon inside doing some reading.

Charlie was one hell of a bright spark, that's all I can say.

Oh, Angie? Looks like we might have been on the right track about my power. Cairo was a buzz and a half and Madrid's definitely got something too. Different feels, but that matches in with what you were thinking about the energy of places being different depending on its makeup. Cairo's older, kind of sleepier, but there's this edginess that I'm guessing comes from more recent history. Madrid is... well, I think I'll have to think of a way to burn off some excess energy later. Talk about alive.


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