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2008-11-08 03:56 pm
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Just quickly...

Farouk has been found and is safe, sound and cranky. He, Wanda and I will be doing a bit of travelling around to check some things out for the next while.

Also - how do you get the strapping for sore ribs off without pulling off half your skin? Ow.
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2008-11-04 11:49 am
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No rest for the wicked

Off to Paris with Wanda to go get Farouk out of whatever trouble he's in. I swear, you have a plan and it all goes to shite because someone gets his nose out of joint. At least when I was teaching him I could keep a bloody eye on him...
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2008-11-01 03:23 pm
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Just off-hand...

Has anyone seen Professor Farouk since the blow up in New York? I know he was back here, so he's not missing-under-rubble missing, but I haven't seen him around for a few days now. Given he tends to haunt my doorstep for magic tutoring, it's a bit weird.